Give Me a Lily Pad & The Continuum [two Poems]

What can I do to maintain this world in its orbital spin?
I gave up trying to get the hearts of the many--.
Throw the meat-balls in opposition to the wall, stop, end!!
Endeavoring to make them spin, like God did while in the heavens!

Sexual longings--a pathway to anger and rage--
Flip the website page to A budget inns, turn the website page
Give it a pathway to run, tell your mates, they've gained.
And do not remedy to any one; cling up the cellphone...!

Don't go outside the house the house, turn out to be dulcimer--
Hit the hammer, the hammer, the hammer, cease, stop!
The darkness of your night is coming, open the window
I'll, I'll disappear, no air, no air within her--anyplace!

Neck bones look weak, like honey over thawed meat:
Anyone's neck bones, everyone I see, even me...
I'll be a visitor of the hill at one north floor plan hell shortly, the land of no veggies
Or balloons...just neck bones, just about everywhere: everywhere.

The position wherever not one person cares, no-one cares, not a soul:
Like unfed fish, fish, unfed fish--nibbling at almost nothing;
In the four-sided aquarium, with--with piranhas...
Give me a lily pad to sail absent, currently, now, today!...

#819 eight/29/05

The Continuum

I emerged from

My mother,


Section of


When we die

We turn into a Component of


For record continues

To exist--


The human continuity,

The continuum!...

#820 8/29/thirty

A Observe by Rosa: two poems: unsure what I need to say on both of these poems; appealing, they make me consider why the poet uses what he takes advantage of; I am aware my partner claims, it is called "result" and it would make me take a huge deep breathe. Is the fact what he wishes,

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